DirecTV For Hotels -- A top amenity for your guests

You work hard to set your hotel, resort, or motel apart from the rest of the competition. Customer service is paramount of course, but some research will help you determine exactly what that means to your guests.  As a returning guest especially, being greeted by name is appreciated.

Very clean rooms and a comfortable mattress are huge with guests -- as we all know.

Did you know that the primary thing in the guestroom is DirecTV with the superior lineup of sports coverage?  Sure, you can use the cable company, or satellite from another source, but it is just not the same!  Do not take our word for it…ask your guests what they prefer…they will usually tell you “well, I have DirecTV at home….and that’s what I like”. Installing DirecTV for hotels is much easier than you might think, and Integra Systems Corporation has been doing it for 15 years.

With DirecTV for hotels, your guests will enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, and with advice from the experts at Integra Systems Corporation you’ll be showing  the key channels to offer for the demographics that fit your property. This can include five ESPN channels, regional sports team action, the Golf channel, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball in many forms.

Don’t forget news channels like CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and CNBC.    What about the women staying on property…do you know the channels they prefer?  It’s not just the Cooking channel , as some managers assume!

What about the kids that will be with their parents?   There is of course a big range of preferences depending on age of the kids.   We know what is needed at Integra Systems Corporation from years of experience working with and staying in hotels.

What about background music only?  We have tons of it.

Maybe you should consider some educational selections like National Geographic, History Channel, and the like.  Also an easy to read and logical channel guide is a must.

People want to know what’s going on around the globe….we like BBC America, and we have a lot of Hispanic programming to complement your lineup also. .

Now…what about the budget!   We will put the total package together for you that works for you --- given your financial parameters.     You may or may not feel you need HBO or SHOWTIME, or ENCORE, we’ll help you figure it out.  If you are branded and have premium channel guidelines to meet….we’ll make sure you’re covered!

You can offer movies in many ways other than the premium channels if that is your desire, and you sure don’t need Video on Demand anymore with its high cost.

These are just a few helpful suggestions, and if you would like to get started with setting up the best channels for you, give us a call at 800-821-0862. We install DirecTV for hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals; senior housing and many other businesses and we like to focus on Arizona to provide the best response time.