DirecTV For Hotels -- A top amenity for your guests

You work hard to set your hotel, resort, or motel apart from the rest of the competition. Customer service is paramount of course, but some research will help you determine exactly what that means to your guests.  As a returning guest especially, being greeted by name is appreciated.

Very clean rooms and a comfortable mattress are huge with guests -- as we all know.

Did you know that the primary thing in the guestroom is DirecTV with the superior lineup of sports coverage?  Sure, you can use the cable company, or satellite from another source, but it is just not the same!  Do not take our word for it…ask your guests what they prefer…they will usually tell you “well, I have DirecTV at home….and that’s what I like”. Installing DirecTV for hotels is much easier than you might think, and Integra Systems Corporation has been doing it for 15 years.

With DirecTV for hotels, your guests will enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, and with advice from the experts at Integra Systems Corporation you’ll be showing  the key channels to offer for the demographics that fit your property. This can include five ESPN channels, regional sports team action, the Golf channel, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Basketball in many forms.

Don’t forget news channels like CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business News, and CNBC.    What about the women staying on property…do you know the channels they prefer?  It’s not just the Cooking channel , as some managers assume!

What about the kids that will be with their parents?   There is of course a big range of preferences depending on age of the kids.   We know what is needed at Integra Systems Corporation from years of experience working with and staying in hotels.

What about background music only?  We have tons of it.

Maybe you should consider some educational selections like National Geographic, History Channel, and the like.  Also an easy to read and logical channel guide is a must.

People want to know what’s going on around the globe….we like BBC America, and we have a lot of Hispanic programming to complement your lineup also. .

Now…what about the budget!   We will put the total package together for you that works for you --- given your financial parameters.     You may or may not feel you need HBO or SHOWTIME, or ENCORE, we’ll help you figure it out.  If you are branded and have premium channel guidelines to meet….we’ll make sure you’re covered!

You can offer movies in many ways other than the premium channels if that is your desire, and you sure don’t need Video on Demand anymore with its high cost.

These are just a few helpful suggestions, and if you would like to get started with setting up the best channels for you, give us a call at 800-821-0862. We install DirecTV for hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals; senior housing and many other businesses and we like to focus on Arizona to provide the best response time. 

Commercial DirecTV Service: It's What Seniors Demand

When it comes to senior housing, great amenities can really go a long way to improving quality of life. A helpful, friendly staff along with great food and some fun and unique activities make life at an assisted living community or other type of senior housing much more enjoyable. One easy amenity to add for your residents would be commercial DirecTV service installed and maintained by Integra Systems Corporation of Phoenix.

It has been our experience that residents in senior living facilities have the following demands when it comes to their TV options. We've heard:

"We want Movies, and Turner Classic Movies is at the top of the list with many of us."

"We want NEWS, never assume we don’t want to know what is going on around the planet….we were in charge of it not too long ago you know."

"We want WEATHER, with interactive features so we can see what it’s doing where the grand-kids live."

"We want MUSIC only, if that’s what we’re in the mood for.  Classical, jazz, standards, love songs, ballads, a waltz now and then, and singers like Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Vaughn Monroe, Vic Damone, Margaret Whiting, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and maybe a little Elvis and Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash."

"We want REMOTE CONTROLS that won’t take a degree in engineering to use."

"We want SPORTS so we can keep up with our teams."

"We want HBO OR SHOWTIME may be something sexy there…we haven’t forgotten!"

A commercial DirecTV account from Integra Systems will include a huge variety of programming options for your residents, and each resident can have DirecTV service in their private room. In fact, your residents can enjoy lots of different channels including ESPN, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, Discovery, A&E, History Channel, AMC and all the major news channels.

In addition to these entertainment channels, we also can set up a system that includes a variety of music channels and even our regional sports channel. With so many programming choices, a commercial DirecTV account makes perfect sense for your residents. Compared with cable, you will enjoy much greater variety and generally, the cost is lower than the local cable company.

A commercial DirecTV system also is quite easy for residents to use, and we will provide each resident with an electronic program guide so that they can always find their favorite channel. The remote control is also easy to understand.

You might think that installing commercial DirecTV will be a complicated task, but its painless..

At Integra Systems in Phoenix, we can install commercial DirecTV service throughout your facility and it will be done correctly!

At Integra Systems Corporation, customer service is our highest priority. Because we are an Arizona-based company, we truly can provide around the clock service throughout the entire year. We can answer questions, address concerns, install new equipment when needed and make any necessary repairs quickly and easily. Contact us today for more information about setting a commercial DirecTV account for your seniors.

Write this down right now and then dial it!  800-821-0862

Integrating Technology For Education

There are several ways that technology can be used to boost education, and different technology types used in classrooms are seen as ways to increase interest among students which means they internalize more information. Using technology in the schools can be an expensive way however to improve education. For those educators charged with looking for methods on how to make the students’ experience more enhanced, the following can be some suggestions on how to be of help while still keeping budget low.

In the classrooms, television sets can be used and these can be used for DVDs that can show the subjects taught. Something like a DirecTV system also can be installed in the schools, and this is done by Integra Systems at a reasonable cost, and this can be a good improvement on what can be offered to students. An account like a DirecTV commercial account for schools can be available and there is DirecTV School Choice package that includes the following channels; History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, American Heroes Channel, Biography Channel, CNN, C-Span and also many others.

Aside from these, the DirecTV business account also includes four HD DirecTV receivers that are complimentary and one of these can be a High-Definition DVR. This can mean that recording of whatever program that suits the curriculum can be done; thus can be watched anytime. Aside from this also, a DirecTV system in the school can allow the students to watch events at real time as these are unfolding, like the interesting events that are taking place in space or a special news conference from a world leader. A DirecTV internet service can also be available in certain areas and this is installed by Integra Systems and customer support is provided and also the training that might be needed.

There are also tablets like iPads that can be used and these are excellent tools although these can also be expensive. Rather than buying for each student an iPad however, buying two or three sets can be more affordable, and then students can use these only when needed. Hundreds of excellent applications can be available at low costs and some are even free, and these can be used in the classrooms and can be made to be a very good way to bring technology straight to the students. Laptop computers used in the classrooms are also other options that are good because these can be carried around the campus. 

Software that is several available can be options for the students of which they can touch on several subjects. There are also some games and instructional programs that can be purchased so that the students can use these at home or in the school. This can be a good way for the students to keep up with their school curriculum while on a summer break. Providing the parents with information about the links is just provided, to make them aware of the websites for their child’s advance learning. Most of these programs are made to be games so that the students will get interested in completing the various tasks given.

Teachers should be encouraged to search the web also to make them find ways on how to use technology in the school. There are lots of these teacher oriented sites that provide lessons incorporating technology. There are also many websites in the internet that offer ideas and lessons to meet the standards of Common Core, and these are all helpful for educators when they are transitioning to these educational standards and practices that are new.

Achieving Success In The Restaurant Business

It may seem cool but being a restaurant owner is certainly not an easy task, especially these times when the competition in the industry is very high. You may find it necessary to come up with brilliant ideas on how to make your restaurant more attractive to potential customers.

There are two things that you should bear in mind in this business and these are the food and the service.  When it comes food, it is very important that you give due attention to the cuisine that you are preparing and serving your customers.  Of course, quality service could only be realized when you have the most competent staff, from the waiters, to the kitchen personnel, and even to the bartenders.

The exterior of the restaurant is the very first attraction that people would get to notice.  It is definitely not the food that would get their attention.  People would only get to eat at your place if they find the exterior interesting. You could determine the clientele you wish to target by the design of the restaurant’s exterior.   People do tend to judge a restaurant by its exterior.

Once your customers get inside, the food becomes of utmost importance.  The cuisine you serve should also be a factor in the design of the restaurant’s interior decoration.  If your restaurant serves Italian food, it is expected that the tables, the wall decors, and even the tablecloths should possess an Italian aura.  Of course, when you have a Chinese restaurant, the furniture and decor should also have a Chinese twist to it.  So that your customers would not be confused, even the exterior design of the place should be in accordance to the cuisine that the restaurant specializes in.  Make sure that there is enough lighting to catch the attention of people.

It may be necessary for you to install additional entertainment amenities in your restaurant.  If so, consider getting a DirecTV business account which could be a welcome feature for the guests.  A DirecTV commercial account allows your customers to watch a wide array of shows coming from 120 channels from different countries. This would be a great choice if you have a sports bar or some type of casual eatery. DirectTV for your business is the way to go.

Do not limit your entertainment features to just a TV though.  You must remember that it is your obligation to keep your customers entertained so that they would not hesitate to go back to your restaurant. If possible, make every night different from the previous one by having special shows. You may also consider giving out discounted prices at certain times, but not during peak days. The important thing is never to run out of ideas on how to attract customers.