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Integra Systems began working with schools originally, and is proud to continue that connection today.

Back in the day, we manufactured the “Integra Learning and Management System”  also known as the “Integra System” for schools around the nation.  The System combined video to the classroom, intercom, telephone system, clocks and bells and some security components in a format that was remotely controllable through the telephone system.

With our current association with software developer Status Solutions, we can now provide monitoring and security features wirelessly.  A wireless umbrella is created over a campus, or perhaps just a building.  The result is that it is then possible to monitor doors, equipment (i.e. kitchen refrigeration, fire panels, HVAC equipment with sensors that will immediately notify the designated officials. 

Notification in real time can be done through cell phones, land lines, pagers, dome lights, portable radios, by email, PC screen pop-up or audible speakers.  Multiple layers of notification to these devices can be programmed—first notification might be to maintenance personnel in any of the above forms, second level of notification might be done at a specified time interval to security team, or administrators, etc.