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What is our experience with large office towers?  Well we are in many of the biggest, and by the way in THE biggest on Central in downtown Phoenix.  Many upscale office buildings are on Camelback Road from Central to the Biltmore corridor also, and you will find Integra Systems Corporation customers in a lot of these luxurious edifices.

Some property management firms are constrained from helping us blow our horn, as they need to appear neutral on vendors regarding installation of things like TV, internet and phone systems.  We get that… but we often get referrals from Property Managers and from Chief Building Engineers privately.  Why would that be the case? 

The simple reason is that our technicians know that we treat those engineers like North Koreans treat their Supreme Leader… with the utmost deference and respect.  Now, hopefully that analogy ends there, but PM’s and engineers suffer many vendors that do not follow building rules.  With us, they know from experience that Integra personnel do things exactly the way management wants it done.   If they need special insurance riders (we carry high limits by the way), they get it -- no questions asked. If the engineer needs to have us work special hours to facilitate what he has going on…no problem, that’s what we do.

We are proud to count many law firms as loyal customers, from the largest firms in the State to some of the smaller ones.  Hard to get along with lawyers?  --- Not when we do things their way, on time, and give them very specific information all along the way.  It’s not rocket science; it’s just our honest, straightforward approach to business people that are very busy.


     Why should you consider DirecTV from Integra Systems for your business?

1.  Perception of dramatically reduced "wait times" when appointments run long and your clients or tire customers or patients have to wait for you.  We don't know anyone that appreciates the out of date magazines that have probably already been read once before.

2.  Doing something nice for your employees....conference rooms, break rooms, kitchen...we have a tough economy with lots of layoffs.  Your people wonder what's coming next.  Surprise them with something like TV from us that doesn't cost you much at all, but shows you are thinking about them!

3.  For employees ( like lawyers, and car wash managers, and maintenance folks who may have to work on weekends.... )  it's a nice thing to make some of their favorite sporting events available when they can take a break.  They don't mind working on a Sunday quite as much with that perk added to their job.  We know this because we hear it over and over again from real people.


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