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Welcome to our site. Integra does several things including:
  1. DirecTV for hotels, motels, nursing homes, assisted living, office buildings, bars & restaurants, and small businesses of all types.
  2. We work with Honeywell International in North America providing DirecTV services.
  3. We support schools in California, Michigan, Minnesota plus Gilbert, Yuma, and Cave Creek in Arizona regarding the Integra Learning and Management System, which we manufactured previously, and still support remotely.
  4. We provide DirecTV services to universities and technical schools in Arizona.
  5. We sell and install Audio Visual equipment and DirecTV equipment to Intel, Honeywell, Boeing, Orbital AKT, Raytheon, Davis-Monthan and Luke Air Force facilities.
  6. We work with virtually all of the Native American tribes in Arizona on DirecTV services.
  7. Integra also provides a lot of support and services to Federal, State and Local governments related to some fiber networks and DirecTV related systems.

You can navigate directly to the category you are involved with by selecting one of the tabs at the top of each page.  We have also included many pictures—all of which are our actual customers—and testimonials from our customers in each category.

If we can help you in any way, please reach out to us by clicking on the contact us tab. 

Barry A. Nulph, President

Spending locally adds up to a huge difference in creating local jobs and local wealth. 

-2013 American Independent Business Alliance

“Barry is a man of many talents, he has the experience to talk with knowledge and conviction and can execute with detail and accuracy. He offers outstanding customer service with care and enthusiasm. A consummate professional and one who will become your advisor and friend.  A skilled speaker who has a passion for people and his profession.”

(Ruben Santisteven, Bilingual Account Executive at Schuster Printing and Marketing)




After helping to create Allied Signal's network for communicating with all sites in North America from their headquarters, and through the time of the merger with Honeywell International, we decided that our foray into an independent dealership with DirecTV was warranted. This happened in the late 1990's, and continues today.

“It is with a great deal of pleasure and confidence that I recommend Barry Nulph after having known and worked with him over a period of 20 years. He is detail oriented, organized and articulate with clients, able to quickly get to the heart of a problem and provide highly acceptable solutions. His company is high on my "contact" list for problem solutions.” (D. Mason, Financial Services Professional)




Everyone in business claims 24/7/365 service - everyone. Well, we have built our customer base to a large number since we began in 1996 by actually taking care of the people and businesses that have allowed us to grow and prosper. Everyone says it, we actually DO it. If our competitors out of state say it, can you trust that in a reliable way?

“Barry is a not only a Service Provider for the hotel but, has been a great adviser for me as a Restaurant and Lounge Supervisor. Barry has listened to marketing ideas that I have, and has also given some great avenues to try to boost my sales. He is a great person to bounce ideas off of, and extremely helpful. I would encourage anyone to work with Barry--he is a great guy and very professional.” (Carrie Wirick, Restaurant Supervisor at DoubleTree By Hilton Phoenix Tempe




Integra was incorporated in 1996 by Barry A. Nulph, President and David A.J. Wedell, Vice President, to continue the work in schools that had been started many years earlier by a predecessor firm.  You may note that we look familiar… ok, that is two famous movie stars, not us… but we felt you would enjoy their faces much more than ours.  Still, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t it?

“I worked with Barry while managing all the DTV Satellite Dealers in the West. Barry was running Integra Systems and did a great job of developing and growing Integra in a very competitive SW market region. Barry is a seasoned business executive with great vision. He understands the importance of having a customer centric focus. Barry has that rare ability to apply a laser like focus to the areas that positively impact the business. I would recommend Barry in this role for any company looking for an organized, seasoned, business professional.” (Greg Calhoun, Account Executive at SAP)